About Chef Henry and Spaggi’s

At a young age, Henry knew he wanted to cook. His father worked in a restaurant a chef and Henry’s older brother worked with his father.

One day, his brother skipped worked to play at the beach. The young Henry used this opportunity to sneak into the kitchen his father worked in, and set to work. No one realized the younger son was working in the kitchen until the lunch rush died down. Henry loved cooking so much; his parents used that to ensure good grades. If he didn’t make good grades, he would not be allowed to cook.

Eventually, he worked at Rosa’s in Baldwin Park. Henry quickly became head chef. He attended the L.A. Culinary Institute (which became the California School of Culinary Arts in Pasadena). His tutelage was under chef Raymond Hofmeister. Later, he worked at Rosa’s in Ontario.Now, Executive Chef and Owner Henry Gonzalez runs Spaggi’s with his wife. He has a team of seven chefs.


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